Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Diary of a Black C*ck Hungry White Sissy by Marci Wilcox

Despite it's deliberately obscene title and rather suggestive cover, Diary of a Black Cock Hungry White Sissy is a surprisingly well-written story of one sissy's journey towards self-discovery that is just as romantic as it is erotic. I fully admit to buying Part One on a late night whim, but Marci Wilcox impressed me so much, I had to buy Part Two as soon as I was done.

As the story opens, Cole is searching for his wife, who who left him to become a Black Cock Hungry White Slut. As if that shocking revelation were not enough, he discovers that she has been sold to an ex-NBA All Star in order to pay a betting debt. Being the loving, caring, responsible husband that he is, Cole agrees to take her place and serve out the remaining months of her contract. The poor man has no idea what he is getting himself into.

Part One of the story is all about setting up the situation, establishing the characters, and building some necessary tension. The title tells us where the story is going, but Cole is completely oblivious to his eventual fate. In fact, for most of the story, his life of slavery is pretty much the series of menial tasks he expected. He barely even sees Rodney, his Master, except for one occasion where he is called upon to serve as chauffeur. I loved the fact that Wilcox refused to rush into an immediate sexual conversion, instead allowing us to get to know both Cole and Rodney as people. There is more development in this first half of the story than in most complete erotica tales. Of course, there has to be a payoff worthy of the reader's patience, and the shower scene with Rodney's old teammates is well worth the wait.

As Part Two of the story begins, Cole has already been initiated into his new life as a sex slave, and it is time to begin his transformation into a sissy. It is in this chapter that we discover the truth of his situation, and the irony of his offer to take his wife's place. As a gay man with a fetish for turning white boys into white sissies, Rodney expects far more of Cole than he ever would of Cole's wife.

Cole's transition to a new life is not an easy one, but Rodney's has several transsexual friends ready to help teach the sissy everything he needs to know. Half the joy here is in watching Cole slowly overcome his fears and his inhibitions to embrace the sissy inside, learning to accept the fact that he enjoys his new role. The other half is in realizing this whole story is not some sordid tale of sexual humiliation and degradation, but a transgender romance.

I know, not at all what you expect of a title like Diary of a Black Cock Hungry White Sissy, but this is a story of revelation and romance, with a suitably kinky happily-ever-after. It is a testament to Wilcox's writing that the tender, romantic, one-on-one encounters between Cole and Rodney in Part Two are far more erotic and exciting than the gangbang shower scene that concluded Part One. There is even more plot and character development here as well, with Rodney's past coming back to threaten them both, and a final, explosive confrontation that reveals just how far they came come together.

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