Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Project Futanarion by Kella Z. Driel

The year is 2095 and hikikomori epidemic has reached critical mass. Young men have isolated themselves from society, and young women are desperately lonely. At this rate, with the population rate falling, Japan will soon cease to exist, and there's only one way to save it.

It is going to take Transsexual miracles save Japan!

Project Futanarion is a fun story in which Kella Z. Driel suggests our obsession with impossibly beautiful anime futas and sextoy robots isn't the problem, but the solution. It is going to take something extraordinary to seduce young men back into society, and to deal with the women who are no longer interested, and futanarions are the answer.

Yes, it is a bit silly, but it is also incredibly sexy. The story crosses fantasies and fetishes, with models that are dominant or submissive, full-package or newhalf, artificially created of genetically enhanced. These are beauties designed for pleasure, with incredible size and incredible control over their orgasms. I love that both men and women are open about their lust for these miracles (both Madam Prime Minister and Air Marshal Yatoshi want one), and that there is no shame in being taken and impregnated by one.

Clearly, owning (or being owned by) a futanarion will not be cheap, but we can only hope they start exporting them to North America before long.

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