Thursday, August 11, 2016

R.U. Wild's World of Dominant Shemales

Advertised as a collection of very dominant shemale stories that require a willing suspension of disbeliefR.U. Wild's World of Dominant Shemales certainly caught my eye when I first spotted it. Yes, the cover looked a little amateurish, but it had a retro feel to it that I quite liked, and the fact that Foxy Angel provided her photo was encouraging.

The collection opens with The Bachelor Party, in which a trio of strippers test the resolve of the groom-to-be . . . and then have their way with the rest of the men in the room. While it could have used a bit more visual detail, the dialogue is really what sells it. A Beach Interlude and A Balcony Interlude are really just short scenes, but I like the exhibitionist nature of them both.

It is with Soonlee that the collection begins to get really dark, and to show just how aggressively dominant these shemales can be. Helga and Soonlee are rather cruel, repeatedly crossing the fine line of consent, but Angel does provide a happy ending. Once again, A Kitchen Interlude and A Restaurant Interlude are short scenes once again, with the latter continuing the exhibitionist theme, but the former really serves to develop Angel as a character.

The Errand drops the cruel aggression of the last full story, placing the focus solely on Angel and her new neighbor. There is a nice set-up and discovery here, leading into a very erotic drive with the top (and bottoms) down. You can feel that the stories are being less about the concept of dominant shemales, and more about the personality of Angel. A Subway Interlude and An Office Interlude, are the strongest and best written of the six short scenes, showing the evolution of Wild's style, with the former being my favorite bit of exhibitionism.

The collection closes with T-Girl Rodeo, which I must say blew me away. This is the most creative, most imaginative, and most emotionally satisfying story of them all, putting an entirely unexpected spin on the dominant theme. Here, homophobic and transphobic men are kidnapped, stripped naked, and creatively harnessed, with dominant shemales mounting them and riding their desperate attempts to flee. The sexy banter and escalating arousal of the two announcers makes for a perfect contrast to the justice being served in the ring.

I liked the fact that the men are always on the receiving end, which is all to rare in these stories, and that even with the fantasy elements, the struggle to accommodate such massive endowments is never lost. R.U. Wild's World of Dominant Shemales really does get stronger with each story, which leaves me excited to see what he can do with a longer story, and a more defined story arc.

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