Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Bambi Effect by Lyka Bloom

While I am sure The Bambi Effect might be a nightmare for some people - men and women alike - I cannot think of a happier, sexier, world ending catastrophe than the one dreamed up by Lyka Bloom here.

It all starts when a young man by the name of Ben gets in over his head with a loan shark, and reluctantly agrees to steal a rare book to wipe his slate clean. It is a daring theft, stealing the book right from under a mysterious group of cultists engaged in a night-time ritual, and the opening heist sequence is some of the most exciting stuff Bloom has ever written.

Of course, nothing ever goes precisely according to plan, and Ben gets splashed by the weird pink substance at the center of the ritual. It is while Ben is hiding in an alley, desperately trying to figure out how to evade the pursuing police cars, that the magical transformation begins. As always, Bloom does a wonderful job of detailing the physical transformation from skinny stud to voluptuous bimbo, and it does not take long for Bambi to seduce her first lucky man - transforming him in the process as well.

The second half of the story does a lovely job of exploring the situation, revealing the truth behind the book (and the ritual), and setting up the threat of allowing Bambi to continue her bimbo crusade. It manages to be sexy and scary at the same time, with some sumptuous sex scenes, a great thread of uncontrollable lust and mind control, a lovely bit of shopping, and the final twist/tease of that happy, sexy, world ending catastrophe.

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