Monday, August 8, 2016

The Lipstick Lounge by Lyka Bloom

Not only is The Lipstick Lounge one of the sexiest, most entertaining stories to flow from the pen of Lyka Bloom in a long time, but it also the most wonderfully authentic. There are no perfect bimbos or impossibly statuesque goddesses here, just real women looking for new lovers to please them.

It all starts when Tommy and his friends stumble into a lesbian bar to top off a night of drinking. The thick, purple-haired, well-pierced, heavily-tattooed bartender serves them up a few rounds of pink, alcoholic milkshakes. Tommy is the last of the boys to pass out, but not before he sees the bartender send another woman over to ominously lock the door.

What happens next, despite what you might expect, is actually rather subtle and sensual. This is primarily a story of emotional transformation and psychological submission, with the physical feminization almost secondary. There is no cruelty or humiliation involved, just a loving sort of female domination that slowly evolves from erotic to romantic.

All-in-all, this is just a fun story, a gender bender fantasy of lesbian love.

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  1. I would probably buy it just for the cute blonde model on the cover. Love her bustier!