Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Vegas Date For Vicki by Chloë Cameron

An erotic transgender romance, A Vegas Date For Vicki is an unusual sort of story that works on two levels. Even if I felt the story structure was a bit awkward in places, Chloë Cameron attempted something here that I really admire.

On the one level, this is a story of assisted (rather than forced) feminization. Since the entire story is told from Vicki's point of view, we only get subtle hints and clues as to Amanda's efforts, which leaves the story very uncertainly - especially as those hints get darker in the second half. Vicki is, undoubtedly, a bit too trusting and naive about those efforts, but all of that can be explained away by the fact that she is living out her dream of femininity.

On the other level, this is a sweet transgender romance, with a whirlwind courtship, Vegas wedding, and happy marriage. Ryan and Vicki do make a very cute couple, and watching her enjoy so many firsts with him is erotic, but never vulgar. It's abundantly clear that she was always a woman inside, revealed (rather than transformed) by Amanda's efforts. Sure, there are a few aspects of her transformation that are a bit too easy, and she is a bit too passable, but we have to remember that she's living out her fantasy.

As for the story structure, I thought the first half of the story worked exceptionally well, with the lengthy flashbacks adding both some tension and some excitement to Vicki's first night with Ryan. As for the awkwardness of the second half, I understand there were things Vicki could never know, but it bothered me that so much had to be explained away in the author's notes. I think a few clever nods or smiles on Amanda's part could have conveyed so much, and just acknowledging a confused look or two on Vicki's face could have let the reader in on the truth, while still hiding it from Vicki.

That's a minor quibble, though, as A Vegas Date For Vicki was a very happy transgender romance, complete with a truthful confession that really sold me on the marriage.

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