Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Convention Feminization by Kylie Gable & Claudia Acosta (#femdom #feminization #bisexual)

As any geek, nerd, or gamer knows, fandom over the last few years has been plagued a pack of insecure little boys who object to the very idea of diversity in either fans or fiction. With the Convention Feminization series, Kylie Gable & Claudia Acosta call them out, beat them at their own game, and deliver a little justice for the community.

In Convention Feminization Part 1, we are introduced to Koss (a blogger) and Darkside (a podcaster), who represent the two biggest trolls in the community. When they make the mistake of calling out the wrong group of girls, they find themselves flattered, seduced, and wooed away from the pack - where they are kidnapped, bound, gagged, and blackmailed into a little feminine cosplay. Make no mistake, this is not your standard forced feminization erotica. What we have here is cruel, public, and very illegal, but there is no doubt the boys deserve it.

As the story picks up in Convention Feminization Part 2, we are reminded that the boys set the rules for their own punishment when they published their points system for 'con sluts.' The story goes beyond mere cosplay flirting in this chapter, with the sissies being trained in the fine art of strap-on fellatio before being subjected to a very public coming out. What ultimately makes the story, however, is the insight that Gable and Acosta demonstrate and the character development they reveal. We actually come to empathize with one of the bullies, and watch as he takes his lessons to heart.

Now available as the Complete Convention Feminization, this is a story that works equally well for fans of all genders and sexualities, whether their tastes run more towards female domination, forced feminization, or feminist revenge. It is more suggestive than explicit, but there are a few erotic touches to add an extra curl to that satisfied smile.

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