Wednesday, September 7, 2016

From Husband to Sissy Cuckold Maid! by Alyssa Paige (#femdom #feminization #cuckold #bisexual)

As much as I have enjoyed Alyssa Paige's previous tales (Memoirs of a Feminized Slave was a particular favorite), they do tend to be rather heavy on the embarrassment and humiliation. They are never degrading or cruel, but they do take a darker sort of journey down the path of female domination.

Much to my delight, the hubby in From Husband to Sissy Cuckold Maid! is far more agreeable to his fate. Yes, there is still a lot of embarrassment involved, but he loves every moment of it. The story begins when Tim's wife gifts him a very sexy French maid's outfit and insists he wear it as punishment for not cleaning up his office. When it becomes clear they both enjoy the situation, Lindsay begins making plans to push her 'little sissy girl' much farther.

Lindsay really distinguished this story for me, being a loving wife, and not just a cruel cuckoldress. She may coerce and encourage, but she never forces situation, and gives Tim a chance to back out at every stage. By taking control of his orgasms and training him to associate them with sissy submission, she prepares him to invite another man into their marriage.

This was one very sexy read, with a really exciting approach. Lindsay is the kind of woman most sissies could only dream of being married to, and Tim is a very lucky sissy to have his innermost desires so carefully revealed. As for the final scene . . . well, let us just say it hit all my submissive sissy buttons!

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