Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Thirds: A Leather and Lace Collection by J.B. Rogers (#bi #cuckold #trans #femdom #erotica)

Thirds: A Leather and Lace Collection is an altogether lovely little anthology, consisting of three interconnected short stories. All taking place within the same hotel, over the same night, characters come and go, taking us from one story to another. J.B. Rogers has really done something special here, taking things to the next level.

The first story, Just Peachy, introduces us to a hunky escort by the name of Kevin. I loved the interplay with his client - a wealthy older woman, way out of his league, who just wants to be used hard. The arrival of her husband on the scene is a pleasant surprise, and the transition to bisexual exploration is fantastic, especially with the little romantic touches.

Strictly Business follows that client, Joanna, as she seeks out a replacement lover for her otherwise occupied gigolo. What initially seems to be a simple story of a hotel hookup ends up adding two sexy layers, first as her erotic past is exposed, and then as a voyeuristic element takes center stage.

The final story, Room Service, finds its connection through a hotel employee named Stacy. Not surprisingly, this was my favorite story in the collection, a romantic slice of erotica involving a crossdressing husband's first public outing, his crossdressing wife, and the woman who dominates them both. There is so much gender bending fun here that it is almost overwhelming, but Rogers keeps it all straight (so to speak).

If you have yet to read J.B. Rogers, then Thirds: A Leather and Lace Collection is a wonderful place to begin. And, if you are already a fan, it is a delicious helping of the storytelling talents you already know and love.

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