Monday, October 31, 2016

Crossdresser's Night of Thrills By JC Winchester (#trans #bisexual #erotica)

David is a single dad whose wife left him because of his crossdressing, but Crossdresser's Night of Thrills is neither a story of shame nor one of punishment. David's past is simply that, something that happened, and which serves to explain his current situation. As a single working father, he looks forward to those weekends when the kids are with their grandparents, leaving him free to release some stress and express his feminine side.

JC Winchester does a lovely job of detailing the transformation from David to Amy, complete with the unusual details (or order of details) that personalize the experience. Similarly, I loved the mental and emotional transformation, especially later in the story when those gender lines become somewhat blurred.

I have already said what this is not, but what it is is a story of social and sexual experimentation. As erotic and kinky as it is, the story never simply reduces the crossdressing experience to a fetish. It is a part of Amy's self-expression, and that blurring of gender lines that I mentioned is what moves the story forward into something romantic.

Come for the Crossdresser's Night of Thrills, but stay for the dream of a happily ever after.

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