Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Love Undiminished by Shaun Putaine (#femdom #cuckold)

The second book in Shaun Putaine's Undiminished series (although it can be read as a stand-alone story), Love Undiminished is a remarkably thoughtful and emotional look at the dynamics of a non-traditional relationship.

Tom and Lisa are a happily married husband and wife who began exploring a female dominant lifestyle in the first book, Passion Undiminished. With their new roles and Mistress and slave firmly established, they are ready to evolve into the realm of cuckolding. What makes the story work so well is the way Putaine establishes and explores the reasons why couple might choose to make such a move. He looks at what both Tom and Lisa get out of it, what it means to their relationship, and how it does - and, more importantly, does not - alter their relationship.

The heart and soul of the story is Tom, who really struggles with the clash of fantasy and reality. We get to share in his emotional struggles as he reconciles his submissive tendencies with his jealousy. He has a hard time with this change in their lives, even though he was the one who wanted it. As excited as he is to see his wife and Mistress enjoying the sexual passion she deserves, he worries what that will do to their love for one another. Lisa may come across as a little harsh for some readers, but I loved how she was both firm and loving, a perfect blend of Mistress and wife.

There is a lot of BDSM themed punishment and submission here, with Putaine extending the scenes to reveal the emotions that are revealed. We get to see Lisa's aftercare for her punished submissive, and come to understand that she loves him more, not less, with the opening of their relationship. There is even a touch of forced bisexuality and forced feminization, although neither are the focus of the tale. Well-written, with a nice blend of romance and passion, and just enough explicit sex to define the transition, Love Undiminished is a fantastic story for lovers of female domination and cuckolding.

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