Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rubber Cat Burglar by Roxy Katt (#futa #rubber #femdom)

It has been a long time since a story so thoroughly entertained me, drawing me in as much with the author's voice as the characters or the story itself. When all three of those aspects come together, you really have something marvelous in your hands, and Rubber Cat Burglar is just that - absolutely marvelous!

Roxy Katt absolutely nails the feel of a golden age superhero tale, building the world alongside the atmosphere in the opening pages. The dialogue is luscious, the descriptions succulent, and the characters immediately compelling. This is a world in which I could so easily lose myself, and I do hope it's not the last we've seen of it.

La Cambrioleuse is a rubber-clad cat burglar with a fetish for domination. A "phallogyne” (absolutely my new favorite word), she has had her rubber catsuit specially customized with a pouch to provide easy access to her magnificent futa endowment. Why would she need such easy access, you ask? Well, La Cambrioleuse likes to target the homes of beautiful women, tying them up and teasing them while she robs them blind, before ending them over to ravage them from behind.

Before I get to the caper, I have to gush a little bit about the costuming. Katt devotes a significant part of the story to getting La Cambrioleuse into her rubber catsuit, aided by Mousie (her delectable minion), and it is breathtaking. We learn about how it was constructed, why the zippers and snaps are placed where they are, what it takes to get into such a skintight outfit, and what Mousie's role is ensuring that pouch has room to do its job. If you have even the slightest touch of a rubber/latex/PVC fetish, then the dressing scene alone may be enough to drive you over the edge, and if you don't share that fetish . . . well, you like will before this is over.

Back to the caper, when one such burglary is interrupted by the Batmaiden, a virginal superhero clad in her own rubber catsuit and cape, the action takes a rather erotic turn. Katt has as much fun with the dynamics of supervillains/superheroes as those of dominants/submissives, and has a lot of fun twisting, subverting, and switching them up. I will stop there, because I do not want to spoil the climax, so I will just say Rubber Cat Burglar is an absolute must read, a gorgeously told work of phallogyne fetish erotica that will leave you anxious for more.

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