Tuesday, October 25, 2016

See: Guys Become Sissies by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear

Just in time for Halloween, Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear have put a transgender spin on the Saw franchise with one of their darkest stories yet.

In See: Guys Become Sissies, two complete strangers awake to find themselves locked inside a strange apartment with no way of contacting the outside world. Neither of them has any idea how they got there, much less why they were chosen, and are completely unprepared for the creepy porcelain doll who appears from behind a glass panel to introduce the rules of the game.

Sam and Perry face a series of ten forced feminization tasks, with Priscilla assigning a winner for each challenge - and cruelly punishing them for not playing along. Held captive for months, the young men have to learn the feminine arts of cosmetics, hairdressing, fashion, and more, while a combination of drugged food, a restricted diet, and a lack of exercise further feminize them.

Although both are reluctant, they slowly become more compliant, desperate to outscore the other and win their freedom. Neither is prepared for their final task, however, and even I was surprised at the clever (but cruel) twist on the loser's fate. Definitely dark, and more nightmare than fantasy, See still has the same attention to detail that fans of Courtney and Claire have come to expect. Hopefully the tease at the end is more than just a play on genre conventions, because I would love to see what's next.

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