Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Book of Sluts by Veronica Vinyl (The House of Sissify)

A little something different for you again today, brought to you by the gracious and lovely ladies over at The House of Sissify - Your House of Feminization. If you have never been, it is quite a lovely site, complete with online erotica, comics, training material, and even a sissy social network.


Book of Sluts by Veronica Vinyl is a glorious, full-colour comic that chronicles the House of Sissify’s emasculation and feminization of its (mostly) willing students.

I initially fell in love with the artwork (just check out the sample to the right), but it was the opening narration that really excited me. It talks about the House of Sissify’s being a proper house, hidden and isolated from the cruel judgment of society. Just 3 small blurbs, but they really speak to the reader.

It is a very sensual, visually kinky comic, but it has its moments of humor as well. The sissy panels are so bright and vibrant, full of innocent pinks and whites, while the Mistress Alex panels are dark, stark, and full of blacks and reds. The dialogue is simple and straight to the point - something comics can do so well - but very exciting.

When story and artwork come together, especially with such a clear understanding of the fantasies and fetishes behind it all, you really do have something magical.

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