Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Letter to the Staff by Vickie Tern (The House of Sissify)

A little something different for you today, brought to you by the gracious and lovely ladies over at The House of Sissify - Your House of Feminization. If you have never been, it is quite a lovely site, complete with online erotica, comics, training material, and even a sissy social network.


Letter to the Staff is presented as just that, a letter to the staff of Sissify, detailing how Annie's life has changed as a result of it. The story itself is written by Vickie Tern, a long-time author of transgender fiction who you may know from such sites as Crystal's Story Site, FictionMania, BigCloset TopShelf, and more. I have always been a fan of Vickie's work, so I was very excited to find something I have never read before.

The opening to the story is quite lovely, with Andy's girlfriend accidentally discovering his fetish, and then encouraging him to explore it with her. Kate comes across as the perfect sort of dominant, a woman who understands that is not cruelty or humiliation that her sissy seeks, but the thrill of transformation itself. She also understands, however, that sissies need to be pushed beyond their fears and uncertainties, and that they can only find their true selves through complete ownership and utter submission.

"I have in mind some things you may love in fantasy but not like in reality at all. Not until you become the creature of *my* fantasy."

Through a combination of chemical, hormonal, and surgical intervention, Andy becomes Annie, waking up several days later to discover that it wasn't a brand, a collar, or a cage that Kate had in mind as her special pledge, but a pair of breast implants. She also finds a note from her newly christened Mistress, explaining just what kind of girl she expects Annie to become. Not surprisingly, Annie rebels against her new role, realizing she has no safe word with which to escape a scene gone too far. Even if Kate's role has been a bit exaggerated, and her efforts a tad accelerated, Vickie keeps things real with her sissy.

Without spoiling the final chapters, Annie's first tentative steps towards womanhood are related with lovely detail, including some surprising displays of confidence and strength, and the erotic awakening that comes with Clarie and Wilmer puts a lovely finishing touch on the story. This Letter to the Staff may be fiction, but it is a dream we all share.

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  1. I so use to belong here years back. Thinking back. It was like I so lost that account and had given up on getting back.

    Being TS myself on HRT decades now. It's like I'm so drawn to sissy hypnosis. Still boggles my mind really. But can't help but feel compelled and love it all