Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Passion Undiminished by Shaun Putaine

The opening chapter of Shaun Putaine's Undiminished series (although each story can be read on its own), Passion Undiminished introduces us to Tom and Lisa, coffee shop strangers who embark on the first tentative explorations of lover and adventure.

Tom has been admiring Lisa from afar, and when he finally gets up the nerve to sit down and strike up a conversation, things go better than he could have expected. She's as charming as she is beautiful, and they really do seem to hit it off. There are a lot of little things in the scene that I thought Putaine did well, not the least of which is the way Lisa innocently sends Tom to run a quick errand for her. It demonstrates a natural, wholesome side of female domination that helps set the stage, even if she doesn't know it.

Their first few dates are lovely, romantic affairs, with Tom pulling out all the stops to impress his new date. Before things go too far, however, he realizes that he is going to have to risk everything if there is to be any chance at long-term happiness. Lisa is open to the idea of a female led relationship, but she doesn't really understand what's involved or how it all works. Again, I thought Putaine crafted the conversation exceptionally well here, deftly explaining how female led relationships differ from fantasies of female domination, and illustrating what Tom's vision of true submission looks like.

What makes the story believable is the involvement of Tom's mentor and his wife, a couple who have been married in a female led relationship for years. They take a guiding hand in helping Tom to set the stage, and they also help Lisa to cope with her fears and doubts when the prospect of marriage leaves her so uncertain. It is there where the story falls into its only real cliché, with Lisa's uncertainty less about kink and more about sexual compatibility, but I liked the way it was handled. There is some talk about toys and techniques, and the seeds are planted for the idea of cuckolding (which is revisited in Love Undiminished).

The final punishment scene might seem a bit too much for those readers who fell in love with the romance of the first half of the story, but I like that it explores the breaking of physical and emotional barriers, leading to true dominance and submission. A well-written story, with love and admiration at its heart, Passion Undiminished is a wonderful story for lovers of female domination and female led relationships.

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