Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Sissy Upstairs by Lyka Bloom

A rather small-scale tale from the pen of Lyka Bloom, taking place almost entirely in an upstairs bedroom, The Sissy Upstairs is a sexy, suspenseful story of forced feminization.

Wilson and Lara have been married for years - not necessarily happily, but with an awkward edge of comfort. When the erotic promise of an anniversary date turns out to be nothing more than a sour setup, Wilson discovers just how unhappy his wife really is, and just how much she resents his complacency. Unfortunately for him, the accomplished geneticist has been working on something special at the office, and her hubby is about to become her guinea pig.

What follows is an intimate, almost claustrophobic, story of intense feminization. Wilson finds himself subjected to physical, psychological, and genetic manipulation, driving him towards a new life as The Sissy Upstairs. Even if there's little sex to speak of, the transformation itself is powerfully erotic, and Lara proves herself to be a cunning sort of domestic dominatrix.

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