Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trans Art: Annabelle B. and The Martin Hastings Saga

I have had the great pleasure of chatting with Annabelle B. over the past few months, and she has helped me to rediscover something that I feel has been neglected here at Bending the Bookshelf. While the advent of self-publishing and e-books has certainly made trans fiction more accessible (and that is what drives most of our readers to stop by), it was trans artwork that many of us discovered first - and I can honestly say it is responsible for some of my most vivid memories.

It was those conversations with Annabelle that inspired me to reach out and look for other comics, graphic novels, manga, and artwork for us to feature, so it is only fitting that we allow her to kick things off with some gorgeous character sketches she did for Rikki's forced feminization tale, The Martin Hastings Saga.

Click on any of the images below to see them at full-size, but be warned the last one is rather naughty! :)

Annabelle B. is a fan of erotica literature, particularly crossdressing and feminization writings. Her introduction to feminization was Miss Donna's "Adventure at the Mall" short story. Annabelle's art was introduced through Rikki's forced feminization tale, The Martin Hastings Saga, a fan favorite in the genre. While not working at her day job. she enjoys working in her mini studio either writing or drawing for her blog, Forced Feminization Illustration Art.


  1. Thank you Sally and Bending the Bookshelf for featuring some of my art with your readers. I am flattered and honored to have some of my art here. When I first started this type of art was because I wanted to see art to the stories I had enjoyed. I am surprised time and time again that there are people that enjoy the type of art I do. Again thank you to all those appreciate what I do.

    -Annabelle B.

  2. Sally thank you for this article on Annabelle B. I love her work. I was introduced to her art thru Martin Hastings Saga and have been enamored ever since. I have told her if she ever decides to publish an e-book of her art I'll be buying.
    I hope your feature drives traffic to her site she deserves it.