Thursday, November 3, 2016

Undercover F.U.T.A. by Kella Z. Driel (#futa #erotica #lesbian)

Although it can most certainly be enjoyed on its own, and does not rely on any familiarity with world of Kella Z. DrielUndercover F.U.T.A. shares a kinky universe with the earlier Project Futanarion (which I reviewed here) and subsequent EROTICA: Agent of F.U.T.A. (which I will be reading next).

All you really need to know about the world of the late 21st century is that Japan has made a breakthrough in futanari transformations, a secret technology of which they are incredibly proud . . . and even more protective. The West, of course, wants in on the kinky potential, so they send special agent Linh to infiltrate one of the Neo-Tokyo facilities and bring back the secrets behind this breakthrough.

As sexy and kinky as Undercover F.U.T.A. is, it is all within the context of a sci-fi spy thriller. Driel has done a lot of work in building out her covert Erogenous Services team of sapphic seductresses, establishing their somewhat hedonistic office environment, and providing them with some Bond-worthy enhanced technologies. While the ability to program a culture, language, and memories has been explored before, I loved the way that personality remains one step removed from the agent, allowing Linh to bicker, argue, and eventually fight against her programming. It adds an element of humor to the early chapters, and some significant drama later on.

In regards to the sexy and kinky part, Driel always does that well, but I the interplay of Linh's dueling personalities takes it to a whole other level. The encounters with the futanari stewardess aboard the plane are lovely, but the futanari orgy within the Nakahami Institute is completely mind-blowing. There is so much personality to Linh's futanari lovers, and so much detail surrounding their genetic enhancements, it becomes exceptionally easy to get into the scene.

Undercover F.U.T.A. is a fun, sexy thriller with real characters, real drama, and a plot-driven story. Like I said earlier, you can start anywhere in Driel's universe . . . especially since you will be compelled to read it all anyways!

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