Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fourplay Fetish Feature: Josh Randell talks TG Romance

Continuing our Fourplay Fetish Feature on the transsexual romances of Josh Randell, he has graciously agreed to share the wonderful statement with which he prefaces all his stories - the same wonderful words that convinced me to first give him a read.

I love reading good erotica. I have been looking for stories like the one(s) you are about to read and couldn’t find any, so I decided to write some. I’m calling them ‘TG Romance’ and have a number of short stories ready or being written. They will not be a series and each story stands alone, although some characters will carry on into other stories and these will be clearly labeled.

I believe in treating all women with respect and never laying your hands on a woman in a violent way, nor do I believe in mental or emotional abuse of any kind. The ladies in my stories have feelings, hopes, dreams, and emotions and want to be happy just like anyone else. You will not find any disrespect in here. You will not find any mean, or violent writing from my erotica. There is light spanking and wild, sometimes rough, sex play but it will always be consensual and done with respect and love. If that isn’t your idea of fun you probably won’t like these, but I hope you give them a chance.

I am not trying to be a buzzkill or preach from a podium, but since I have a voice that I’m putting forth in print I may as well throw in little positive personal things. The ladies in these stories have manners, they volunteer in their community, they are smart and school/career oriented. Those are all personal choices, of course, but again it is a theme throughout all my stories because they are things I believe in or do when possible, but I’m not trying to belittle anyone who didn’t/doesn’t care for college or wants to give back to their community. We are all on our own journey in life and we must each decide on and live within our own belief system.

That being said, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy some or all of these. Peace and love to all.

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