Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One More Thing... by Lyka Bloom

One More Thing... is a short, sexy, surprising read from Lyka Bloom, with most of the transformation happening off the page, forgotten by Ben in his hypnotic blackouts.

It all begins when Ben starts hitting on a shy, pretty girl at a bar. He reactions are a bit odd, and her seduction a little bit reluctant, but just when it seems her interest has piqued, her mysterious friend shows up.

Over the next week, Ben begins feeling, looking, and even thinking more feminine. He starts sneaking into the office in women's lingerie, skipping meetings to masturbate, and leaving his secretary to take control. When he discovers that the girl at at the bar is a sissy - just like he is becoming - things get sexy, and when her mistress starts taking an active role . . . well, let us just say Ben is going to be one very happy girl.

This is a quick story, but it is a fun one with a lot of sexy moments, and what (for most of us) counts as a happily-ever-after.

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