Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Flat: A TG Romance by Josh Randell

When I talked to Josh Randell this past weekend, he mentioned that the story of Cody and Meagan is probably his favorite, which meant (of course) that I absolutely had to cover it for our Fourplay Fetish Feature. I am delighted to say I can see why it is a favorite.

The Flat: A TG Romance is the story of a cowboy who loves nothing better than a country girl. Early in the story, Cody talks about how they have a toughness to them, along with a solid work ethic, and can clean up better than any city girl after a day of hard work. That old-fashion appreciation for ladies with manners, values, and goals, is something you will find a lot of in Josh Randell's work. It is part of what grounds his romances, making them so . . . well, genuinely romantic.

Their initial flirting is sweet, but also empowering - with just a little sexual innuendo. Meagan doesn't need help with her flat, but Cody is too much of a gentleman to stand idly by, and she appreciates the gesture. Of course, when she calls later that night to ask for help with something in her RV, he is only too happy to swing by - and even happier to find her dressed only in a robe. That is where the story gets really interesting.

I thought Randell handled Meagan's anxiousness exceptionally well, both in her words and her subconscious little gestures. It's a lovely conversation, and Cody's reaction to her transsexual nature is sweetly comical. He says all the wrong things and asks all the wrong questions, stammering and sweating as he tries to find the right thing to say. Once the initial shock is over, he declares her "still the most beautiful woman I've had the pleasure of helping change a tire," and they melt into each other's arms. The second half of The Flat is romantic, erotic, touching, and exciting all at the same time, with the kind of happily-ever-after that only romance can provide.

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