Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fourplay Fetish Feature: The Accidental Domme by Jim Lyon

Please be sure to check out our interview with Jim Lyon, as part of the Fourplay Fetish Feature.

The cover blurb for The Accidental Domme promises "a fun, imaginative and erotic lesbian D/s story with a little hetero femdom thrown in for good measure" but it is so much more than that. This is an erotic femdom story, with multiple threads, overlapping relationships, and some genuine romance amidst the erotic scenes of fetish fulfillment. Jim Lyon has put a lot into this book, and I loved the way it all came together.

It all begins, simply enough, with Dave asking his best friend to be his chastity keyholder while he seeks out a suitable femdom relationship. Before long, he finds himself pierced, pegged, and in permanent chastity, his key having been handed to the woman who performed his piercing. He is happy, content, and even possibly in love, but Dave's true role here is to set his best friend on the path to discovering her destiny.

Although she had no previous interest in anything kinky, Wendy accompanies Dave to Club Noir, where she shyly agrees to step up on stage and whip another woman. It is through that experience that she discovers her core sexuality as a lesbian femdom, luxuriating in the yin and the yang of complimentary desires. Over the next few weeks, with a mentor to show her the ropes, she begins pairing hardcore BDSM training with her role as a personal trainer. I have to admit, having always fantasized about finding just such a trainer, I loved that aspect of the tale. Watching Nadine run on a treadmill, equipped with a butt plug and clitoral vibrator, while being whipped is . . .  well, orgasmic.

The story quickly escalates from there, with Nadine's owner inviting Wendy to join her on the farm and take responsibility for training her paying guests into pony boys and pony girls. Although the story may be a little light on details there for true pony enthusiasts, I think Jim does a fantastic job of conveying the attraction of such a lifestyle. It is around this time that we are introduced to Lola, a pop superstar with a BDSM theme to her act that nobody suspects as being a true reflection of her pony girl desires. I will hold off saying anything more, but just as Dave opened the story and sort of kicked off the relationships, Lola brings them all together in an entirely satisfying close.

The Accidental Domme is a bit of an oddity, in that it meshes hardcore BDSM eroticism with genuine romance, and does both so very well. It is rare that a story can take you from the visceral experience of piercing, branding, and violent whipping, to the beauty and the grandeur of formal pageantry, to the tender discovery of soul mate romance, and do so naturally. Like I said, there is a lot going on here, but there is also a lot to love.

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