Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fourplay Fetish Feature: Cream and Punishment by Roxy Katt

Please be sure to check out our interview with Roxy Katt, as part of the Fourplay Fetish Feature.

Cream and Punishment is the story of a trans woman who chooses to indulge in a little recreational shoplifting for the sheer thrill of the experience. Little does she realize, it is getting caught that provides the real thrill, complete with an experience she never could have imagined.

For such a short tale, Roxy Katt packs in a lot of erotic detail. There is a lovely set-up as Portia begins her day, a fun bit of drama as we realize she's caught long before she does, a gloriously erotic scene of punishment and milking, and some wonderful dialogue throughout. This is not your typical BDSM-flavored story, and that is what makes it so exciting.

Without spoiling the fun, it seems certain fluids are highly sought after in natural creams and elixirs, those of trans women are even more potent, and the shopkeeper Portia crossed knows precisely how to maximize the yield from her newest cash cow.

Portia may have begun her day as a reluctant donor, but it is a safe bet that she will be cumming back for moo-re. :)

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