Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fourplay Fetish Feature: Mistress Stephanie's Strays by Jim Lyon

Please be sure to check out our interview with Jim Lyon, as part of the Fourplay Fetish Feature.

As much as we grieve the loss of a loved one, we all understand that it is the price to be paid for the dream of being left with a life-changing inheritance. For one young woman, that inheritance begins with a sprawling Hawaiian mansion, but it is the stable of servants who come with it (a ready-made polyamorous D/s family), desiring only to please, that gives her new life meaning.

As we soon discover, Mistress Stephanie's Strays are there solely for their Mistress’s pleasure, taking their own satisfaction from the act of submission. It is an appealing fantasy. Male, female, or trans, her servants bodies have been rendered hairless through laser treatment, their chastity ensured by piercings, and their erotic readiness assured by rather elaborate butt plugs. Personally, I took an immediate liking to Molly and her faux foxtail butt plug, was excited by Pete’s fondness for being pegged, and was intrigued by gentle Louise’s love of pain, but it was (not surprisingly) Toni, the neutered sissy, who excited me the most.

To Jim Lyon’s credit, he smartly (and quickly) deals with issues of boredom and contentment. When Mistress Stephanie begins to feel somewhat suffocated by the intimacy of the world her Aunt created, she sets out to open the estate (and their lives) to the wider BDSM world. Before that happens, however, she puts her personal stamp on the mansion her her servants. She finds herself a submissive lover in Jewel, who takes an active role in dominating the inherited submissives, and she emotionally completes their inheritance with some personally chosen, thoughtfully themed gifts that serve to connect them to their new Mistress.

If I were to have one small complaint about the book, it would be that I wanted more - either a longer book here, or a sequel in the future. There is so much going on, and the story moves so quickly, that it sometimes skims through scenes that I wish had been explored deeper. Of course, wanting more from an author is never a bad thing, and like Mistress Stephanie's Strays I shall be content with the literary gift bestowed upon us.

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  1. Jim Lyon knows how to write to turn me on. not sure which character o want to be as each has my interests.
    KEEP ON WRITING Jim Please