Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sibling Rivalry 1 by Mindi Harris

Sibling Rivalry, the first chapter of her new 4-part series is, as Mindi Harris so boldly proclaims, A Torrid Transgender Tale of Female Domination, Forced Feminization, Sexy Spanking, Bondage, Humiliation, Sissification, Subjugation, Medical Play, Emasculation, Hypnosis and MORE! 

That may sound like a mouthful but, then again, what proper sissy ever complained about a mouthful? :)

In all sincerity, this was a fantastic story of forced feminization and twisted mind control. I loved the way Mindi built the story up in layers, using flashbacks and memories to slowly unveil the truth of what was happening to Stephen Hart. By having him face his own painful memories of being sissified at his sister's hands, and then forcing him to share them with a nurse who is secretly aroused by the humiliation, the story really plays with our expectations and our emotions.

I refuse to spoil it here, because it is such a fun aspect of the story, but the whole twisted double-cross with the clinic is absolutely fantastic. Seriously, wait until you see what's really going on there. and how the process that is supposed to 'cure' him plays so deftly into his fantasies and his fears.

While this is a largely non-sexual tale, focused more on the sissification, the humiliation, and the transformation, there were a couple of erotic scenes that stood out - first and foremost being the whole scene at the spa, which just tickled my fancy in so many ways! Dark, edgy, and rather intense, Sibling Rivalry 1 will leave you anxious for more, with Sibling Rivalry 2 already released, and Sibling Rivalry 3 available for pre-order.

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