Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Agent of F.U.T.A. by Kella Z. Driel

Terrie Cox is a sexy thief who is in debt to the Martian Mafia over her addiction to Bliss - a drug that can induce hour-long hallucinogenic orgasm in women. Manfred, her android lover and mafia contact (who happens to talk like a 50's gangster) offers to reduce that debt and set her up with more Bliss, in exchange for retrieving a mysterious purple serum from "some freaky dames."

And thus is the stage set for Agent of F.U.T.A. by Kella Z. Driel.

What is F.U.T.A. you ask? Well, aside from the sexily obvious, it stands for Futanari United Through Action - a special unit of the United Nations Intelligence Agency. Yes, these are sexy spies, equipped with a little something extra down below, who are currently recruiting (and transforming) new members. Terrie is criminally under-qualified to join their ranks, but entirely suitable for a little evening's entertainment, although her desperation does prompt her to make a potentially life-altering decision.

Like all of Kella's F.U.T.A. stories, this is a fun mix of science fiction and erotica, peppered with pop culture references - like the George Lucas Building, which is hosting an introductory talk about the Jedi religion, along with a couple of wedding receptions, a Sexaholics Anonymous meeting, and the private F.U.T.A. recruitment party. The descriptive details are stunning, the dialogue is fun, and the erotic aspects are suitably over-the-top and messy. There is also a little bit of action to this one, just to up the excitement levels.

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