Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mer-Change by Jessie Ash

If an accident had left you confined to a wheelchair, how far would you go to regain your freedom of movement? Would you swap your legs for a tail? Would you swap your life on land for one underwater? Would you swap your very gender?

These are the questions behind Mer-Change, an interesting little story about just such a situation. Jessie Ash does a wonderful job of introducing her characters, tossing us right into the action as Andy helps his partner navigate a frantic flight from an angry husband. Private investigators, Andy and Brett work as a team, although Andy resents that he can't take part in the field work, while Brett resents the situation that put Andy in a wheelchair in the first place.

When Brett finally convinces Andy to be a guinea pig for a potential life-altering treatment, neither one of them could imagine how much much it would change their lives.

The actual transformation here is really quite clever, adding a whole new element to the private investigator story, and playing nicely on legends of mermaid sirens. Jessie really captures the joy (and the fear) of Andy's discovery, and inserts just enough erotic elements to give the story some kick.

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