Monday, February 27, 2017

ReMale by Lyka Bloom

I do not want to get political, but the one certainty with Trump's presidency is that a significant swing will be likely to follow it. Will it be as severe as Lyka Bloom envisions with ReMale? Likely not . . . but, then again, the last few months have proven anything can happen.

Here we have a near future where the scales of equality have tipped, and gender roles have been reversed. Davis Lange's only crime is his attitude, but his late night participation in online dissidence forums has caught the attention of his employers. Drugged and imprisoned, he awakes to find himself one of three male contestants on a game show of forced feminization.

That game show is the whole point of the story, with the contestants forced to choose from several categories that will implement immediate changes in them - emotional, physical, or psychological. If you are wondering how a man could possibly win such a game . . . well, that you will just have to read for yourself.

ReMale is a fun story that is all about the details, the personalities, and the struggle against change. There is no sex to be had, and nary an erotic moment, but it is still an emotionally charged tale.

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