Monday, February 13, 2017

T-Girl Tales #2: All in the Family by Crystal Veeyant

Following several battles with overzealous critics that saw her best works permanently censored on Amazon, Crystal Veeyant actually chose to stop publishing new shemale/sissy erotica. Furthermore, assuming that her latest stories would never get past the censors, she posted them to the Genderotica group on Facebook as free downloads

Well, somebody deep within the bowels of Amazon must be a fan, because T-Girl Tales #2: All in the Family is now available! If you are already a fan, these four stories are definitely worth checking out, and if you are new to her work, hopefully they will encourage you to check out more of her published stories (while they are still available).

Going alphabetically, Breaking In Brother is the first of the four tales, a fun story of female domination, forced (or, rather, encouraged) feminization, blackmail, and a ton of kinky sex. It is one of Crystal's rare stories that focuses solely on the sissy side of erotica, with nary a shemale or transsexual to be found. As always with her work, the dialogue is stellar, and the level of sensory detail allows you to feel the story.

Mother’s Jailhouse Shemale is actually a continuation of Mom’s Truckstop Shemale (which you do not necessarily need to read first, but really should). This was a wild story that takes Louise and her adopted mom from the seedy truckstops of the USA to the even seedier prisons of Russia. This is, by far, the nastiest of the four stories, complete with an exhibitionist angle that really adds an extra level of kink.

Next up is Shemale Stepmother, a story that moves from cute to kinky, opening with a surprise shemale reveal and ending with an even bigger sissy reveal. The dialogue really drives home the psuedo-incest roleplaying angle, with the eventual female domination element a welcome addition to the already kinky tale. While I would have loved more of the feminization scene, there was some lovely, inventive quirks there that certainly made it memorable.

Finally, we have another sequel in Stepmom’s Sissy Whores, a continuation of Stepmom’s Sissies. Crystal doubles-up on the psuedo-incest roleplaying here, with a pair of sissies who like to think they are cousins, their MILF stepmoms, who they like to think are sisters, and the horny old men who pay to see the fantasy played out. Although it is the shortest of the four stories, the sissy-lesbian aspect makes it a fantastic read.

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