Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dora's Box by Walker Long

Dora's Box is a surprisingly touching story that is equal parts comic, romantic, and erotic. Usually, I can guess where these kinds of stories are headed, but Walker Long kept me on my toes with all the twists and turns. Not only that, but he did so while crafting a pair of wonderful, fully-fleshed out characters who you desperately want to see end up together in a happily-ever-after.

As the story opens, Dora has just found out that her work study has been canceled due to budget cuts, leaving her unable to pay her share of the rent, much less tuition for the next semester. Feeling sorry for herself, she sits down with her grandmother's antique jewelry box . . . and discovers the old woman's claims of magic were not exaggerated. Her first wish is really nothing more than an idle comment, but it immediately solves her money woes, leaving her to wonder what else the box can do.

Much of the story revolves around Dora's attempts to be noticed by Kyle, the cutest guy in school, but her poorly worded wishes end up creating a situation she could not have anticipated, leaving her gifted with both a fully functioning penis and the skills of a perfect lover. As her sexuality blossoms, her roommate seizes the opportunity to help her friend gain the confidence she needs to present herself to the world. Julia is the kind of best friend we all wish we had, not because she is beautiful, popular, and wealthy, but because she has a kind heart and an open mind.

Without spoiling things, the evolution of the friendship is truly the heart of the novel, with curiosity, adventure, jealousy, and more all feeding into a wonderfully romantic finale. Dora's Box is a story that certainly has its erotic moments, but they are tastefully done, and in keeping with the overall sense of kink, erotic fun.

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