Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Perils of Paul: Consequences by Valerie Whip and Annabelle Brito

Like so many fans of transgender erotica, I grew up with sites like Fictionmania, Crystal's Story Site, and the Nifty Archive long before I ever got my hands on a Kindle. I have fond memories of those sites, and still revisit them on occasion for both entertainment and nostalgia purposes.

That brings me to Perils of Paul: Consequences, which reminded me very much of that era. It is a simple story of being caught crossdressing, forced feminization, and sexual exploration. Valerie Whip and Annabelle Brito have managed to recapture that simpler, more innocent feel, and paired it with a more polished narrative and some lovely illustrations.

It is a story that takes offers glimpses of Paul's gender exploration over the years, prompted first by a little Halloween experimentation, and then fueled by the delightful feel of feminine silk. He is caught on several occasions by his sister but, rather than shame or embarrass him, she simply photographs the moment for future blackmail and coercion.

The focus throughout is very much on Paul, so it is appropriate that most of the narrative details (and illustrations) are focused on how he looks and feels. The dialogue is pretty simple, without the long-winded speeches that are often found in the genre, and the erotic detail is more R-rated sexy than X-rated explicit. Definitely a fun tale with, we can only hope, more to come!

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