Thursday, March 16, 2017

Shemales and Futas: 8 Book Bundle by Thomas Pike

The fourth (and, at 200 pages, I believe longest) collection of Shemales and Futas erotica by Thomas Pike is a sexy, kinky. porn-tastic read. These are deliberately provocative stories, with lovers who are quick to fall into bed, and mouths that talk as dirty as they lick, suck, and kiss. They are also wonderfully imaginative and deliciously detailed, with even a bit of romance and tenderness to them.

The opening story, Shemale Shared by Lesbian MILFs, is a fun story about a young shemale who gets accidentally locked out of her apartment. I loved Stephanie's shy sort of innocence, and thought the seduction by Kelly and Alice was sinfully seductive.

Naughty Throbbing Shemale is a fantastic read for anybody with a sexy nurse fetish, as aphrodisiac overdose sends Stacie to the hospital for a little assistance. The nurse's attempts to remain clinically detached are a joy, and the eventual descent into hospital room decadence is a lot of fun.

A classic transformation story, Futa Bikini Surprise sees a young woman's first lesbian encounter take on a bit of a different flavor when a magical amulet turns into to a well-hung futa. There is a thrill of discovery to this one that is sure to please.

Lending A Hand: Shemale Amputee could have been an offensive train-wreck, but it is actually a tasteful, sexy story of dating and discovery. Liz's condition is never mocked or fetishized, and Haley's attempts to adjust her traditional love-making lead to a very happy ending.

Perhaps the most playful story in the bundle, Backseat Surprise: Shemale Bus Trip makes erotic use of the cramped conditions aboard a bus. Jane is rather forward and direct, but more in a silly manner than a rude one, and her lack of inhibition helps Taylor find what she was looking for.

Size Does Not Matter starts out looking like another clich├ęd story of a broken down car, a house without a phone, and some erotic assistance, but making Britney a shemale dwarf is a fun twist. Depending on your sensitivities, some of the dialogue may cross that blurry line of political correctness, but I found it all to be very sweet, loving, and erotic.

Having already played with futas and tentacles in Futa Maid, Pike switches things up a bit with Tentacles Sucking Shemale Dry, introducing a horny young shemale to the tentacles in her shower drain. This is pure imaginative kink, with no real character development, but it is so much fun. Personally, I love tentacle stories, and there is just the right amount of 'ick' and 'yum' to make this work.

As much fun as the tentacles were, Sandwiched Between Shemale MILFs is by far the best story I have yet to read from Thomas Pike. It is raunchy and rude, with not only the exchange of bodily fluids, but the public consumption of them, as Valerie and Kristen invite their virginal new employee, Amy, to help make their special sauce. I loved everything about this, from the characters, to the dialogue, to the fetish elements, to the tasty details. I am sure their sandwiches would never pass health code standards, but I would pay dearly for one.

If you are in the mood for some kinky erotica that will inject a little joy into your one-handed read, this is a fantastic collection. It is purely female/shemale/futa focused, with no pesky boys to get in the way, which is probably for the best as they would feel rather inferior to the wondrous specimens hidden inside these panties.

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