Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tinder Surprise by Sakinaa Davies (narrated by Sierra Kline)

Since I have had my eye on the Tinder Surprise trilogy for a while now, I jumped at the chance to give the audiobook a listen - and I am so very glad I did! While there is no doubt that Sakinaa Davies is a wonderful author, with a smart, sophisticated style that resonates so well with the female dominant perspective, it was the sultry, commanding voice of narrator Sierra Kline that really made this come alive for me. While I rarely reread stories once they are done, I could easily see myself laying back, closing my eyes, and listening to this again.

Chastity Awakening, the first part of the story, skips the preamble and thrusts us right into the heart of the affair. Already desperate in chastity, Ethan arrives at Mistress Alexis' hotel room, ready to commit - and, in this case, commitment means bending over, spreading wide, and accepting his first real penetration. As quick as she is to get into the action, however, Davies is in no rush to reach a climax. This is an exquisitely detailed, deliciously drawn-out story, where every moment of tease, temptation, and arousal is captured for the reader's attention.

With the second part of the story, Rosebud Defloration, we skip back in time to explore how Ethan and Alexis met, how he fell under her spell, and to what lengths she went to test his commitment. It is interesting to see how two very different personalities first met, and to watch her transformation from elegant lady in a bar, to dominating Lady in a hotel room. There is a lot of first-time anal play here, something that would be a few quick scenes in most books, but which is satisfyingly explored in great depth. While Davies does not shy away from virginal discomfort, she ensures that Mistress Alexis takes her time, slowly opening her slave, and allowing him to become accustomed to such intimate submission without unnecessary pain to confuse his emotions.

With Orgasm Ruination, we continue on from that second part of the story, ready to see just how Ethan will follow through on his foolish boast of making her feel like a lady not once, not twice, but three times. The BDSM elements of female domination really come into the scene here, complete with handcuffs, blindfolds, ballgags, headphones, and the inventive use of a luggage cart as a restraint table. Mistress Alexis shows her cruel streak here, putting Ethan through his paces as she asks questions he cannot answer, and then punishes him with some pulses of electricity, directly into his manhood. By the time the question of chastity comes about, there is no doubt that he will say yes.

As a story, Tinder Surprise is one of the better female domination stories I have read in quite some time, and probably one of the best pegging stories I have ever come across. I suspect I will be giving her Coffeeshop Dominatrix series a read before long. As an audiobook, it is far-and-away the most pleasurable I have ever listened to - so much so that I already have my eye on a few other titles that Kline has narrated.

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