Thursday, April 20, 2017

Breaking us Both (1-2) by Tinto Selvaggio (#cuckold #bisexual)

Breaking us Both is a serialized novel from Tinto Selvaggio that, all told, is a very ample 118,000 words long. It is not often you come across erotic stories of that length, much less ones dealing with cuckolding and bisexuality, so it makes for a delicious treat.

In Breaking us Both 1, we are introduced to Vaughn (a wannabe cuckold), his wife Lily (who knows nothing of his desires for her to be a hotwife), and Richmond (the man destined to break them both). It is mostly set-up for the actual cuckolding, but there is quite an emotional and psychological journey for Vaughn to go through before he can bring himself to turn his wife over to another man. I loved the way Richmond so firmly takes control of the situation, being very clear about what he expects of Vaughn, and I was pleasantly surprised by his need to be taken care of in the meantime. Where most of these stories only tack on a little post-coital bisexuality as a means of humiliation, Vaughn finds himself on his knees early on, reluctantly proving his dedication to the cause.

As Breaking us Both 2 begins, Richmond has been away on business, allowing Vaughn time to deal with his fears, his doubts, and insecurities. He actually decides to put an end to the relationship, but neither his wife nor her lover will hear of it. In fact, things are progressing at a rapid pace, with Lily soon overcoming her own doubts, and finding that she really enjoys being dominated by another man. Vaughn himself is very much lost, denied the attentions of his wife, but he does continue to perform small sexual services for Richmond.

Overall, this is a wonderfully well-written, and largely realistic, story that never shies away from the darker aspects of cuckolding. It deals with the mental, emotional, and physical aspects, and pushes both husband and wife into new experiences.

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