Monday, April 3, 2017

Exploring Backdoors and Wrong Doors with Walker Long

If you are interested in a little authoritative pegging, Smokey at My Backdoor is a fun read that also happens to have a darker thread of a police procedural to it. Walker Long opens the story on a lighter note, with a tired Trooper, a speeding big rig, and a pair of sexually suggestive mudflaps.

What begins with sexual innuendo and innocent flirting soon gives way to hot-and-heavy sex in the sleeping cabin of the truck. There are no convenient strap-ons involved, but there is some creative use of a police baton. The dialogue is entertaining and the details are just about right, but it is that darker thread that escalates the story.

I was genuinely surprised by where that darkness took the story, and by how quickly and easily it could have all gone wrong.

Can a story be both comic and erotic at the same time? Can a husband be both clueless and clever? Can a gift be for the wrong person, and yet completely right for them? Find those answers - and more - in The Right Gift at the Wrong Door by Walker Long.

Although the story itself is a bit light, and ends far too soon, I had a lot of fun with this one. I cannot say much about the story itself, as watching it unfold is a big part of the fun, but I will say it manages to keep the reader in suspense, even as it teases and taunts us with every brief exchange of messages.

There is some lovely solo adventurism here, even if Ray seems a bit too easily swayed towards experimentation, and the use of toys is quite delightful. I loved the little twist towards the end, and loved the erotic culmination of it all. Like I said, the story stops a bit too soon for my tastes, but it is never a bad thing when your readers want more.

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