Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Gender Pop by Jessie Ash (#trans #genderswap)

A someone whose caffeine fix of choice is pop, not coffee, I love the idea of Gender Pop - a fizzy, fruity soft drink that has the power to transform your gender for up to 6 hours. All you have to do is drink, think feminine thoughts, and enjoy.

It is a decidedly silly story, with the soda having the power to change clothes as well as bodies, but it is a lot of fun. Given its lighthearted nature, Rebecca Cromer is a perfect narrator for Jessie Ash's story, capturing the tone and the spirit perfectly. I genuinely smiled all the way through, especially with the cute little twist at the end.

While there is a fun bit of heterosexual flirting here, the sexual element is largely lesbian-oriented, with a little seduction involved. It is undeniably sexy, but not as explicit as you would find in so many other stories within the genre.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have an order to place for case of Gender Pop.

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