Monday, April 24, 2017

Sissy Maid: Cleaning My Man by Kella Z. Driel (#sissy #erotica #maledom)

The Maidfit-1, a prototype from RJ3 Industries, is a neural-interface costume that transforms the wearer into a prissy, sissy maid by adjusting brain chemistry, DNA, and behavior. Sadly, it will not be on the market for another 5 years, but young Mickey simply cannot wait. He is so obsessed with the idea of becoming a perfectly feminine maid that he uproots his entire life to spend months stalking the inventor before breaking into the lab to do a little experimentation of his own.

That is where Sissy Maid: Cleaning My Man begins, but there is a twist. What he does not know is that the choice of a maid's costume for a prototype was not an accident. Reclusive billionaire, Richard Johnson III, and his assistant, Franklin Chambers, are both very interested in sissification. In fact, both have sissies of their own at home! Their invention marks the next step in that particular fetish - they just need the right test subject.

In case you did not guess it from the title, both Mickey and Richard are about to realize their dreams. How Kella Z. Driel managed to tease this dream out of my brain, I simply do not know, but I feel a deep and abiding kinship with Mickey/Mikki . . . not to mention a fair bit of jealousy over her adventures!

Everything about this story is fantastic, but it is the transformation of Mickey into Mikki that is sure to put a wrinkle in your ruffled skirt. I loved the physical details of the costume, the last-minute second thoughts, and the playful mAId interface. In the space of a single weekend, all of Mickey's most feminine dreams come true, leaving Mikki the sexiest, most submissive sissy in the world. Of course, making a Sissy Maid is only half the story - there is still the matter of Cleaning My Man to be dealt with. I do not want to give away all Kella's secrets, but the relationship here between sissies and alpha males here is wonderful and sex/gender positive, with pleasure going both ways.


  1. I wanted to ask you Sally.

    A while back you reviewed a story called "Pride and Prettiness" by Kit Scarbrough.

    I later bought the first part, but the story was removed from Amazon before I could buy the second one.

    Was it finished?

    Can I get the second part somehow?

    I've been waiting for a while to see them come back etc. I feel silly now for buying the first part.

    1. Hmm, not sure what has happened there. I popped Kit and email to see what might be going on, and to find out if she is republishing or if there is another way to get a copy.

      Fingers crossed, she just removed them temporarily to either polish or republish, but I will let you know what I hear back.

    2. Okay, so Kit says she temporarily removed the books with the intent of bundling them together and publishing them with a new cover, but she's going to republish them in the meantime. You should be able to get your hands on book 2 soon. :)