Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sissy Slaves to Our Wives by Crystal Veeyant (#sissy #shemale #bisexual #femdom)

Sissy Slaves to Our Wives has its roots in vintage crossdressing erotica, and does have something of a retro-feeling to the opening chapters, but (as she so often does) Crystal Veeyant teases it beyond mere genre tropes, and incorporates some delicious twists that are very . . . shall we say, contemporary?

It all starts with that familiar staple of transgender erotica, crossdressing husbands, caught by their wives, blackmailed, enslaved, and forcibly feminized. What I love about the story is how Crystal explores two similar, yet very different, reactions to that scenario at the same time. Ted was never anything more than curious and experimental in his extramarital affairs, and as Britnee he's an awkward submissive and a tentative sissy. He will do what he has to behind closed doors for the sake of his marriage, but is relieved to escape back into masculinity at the office.

Even when she is so firmly entrenched in the realm of sexual fantasy, Crystal still manages to keep the story feeling authentic. The contrast of the two husbands is important, in that it counters that trope where every man can be magically sissified and transformed with nothing but a pair of panties. Watching one hubby resist his wife's ministrations, express his doubt and fears, and ultimately be broken by a combination of fear, guilt, and repressed desires is almost more interesting than watching the other beg, plead, and squeal with girlish glee at every new development.

I say 'almost' because, as regular readers will know, nothing delights me more than a happy, content, well-adjusted, feminized boi, especially if he is pursuing his dreams of sissy servitude and shemale submission! Steve was the enthusiastic instigator of their affairs, a true sissy with a dominant shemale fetish. As Stacy, she throws herself into the role her wife has chosen, eagerly seizing the opportunity to be as feminine and as sexual as possible, as often as possible. I fell in love with Stacy early on, discovering new thrills as even deeper fantasies were revealed, and even kinkier realities realized. There is still some dramatic tension to her story, especially once her wife puts her to work later in the story, but that is all part of the authenticity and the character development.

Having the wives discover their latent lesbian tendencies, not to mention a previously unexpressed dominant streak, is a great opening to the story, but it is really the introduction of a trio of dominant shemales that brings it all together. Together, they help Stacy find herself and discover her place in life, rising above her fears to embrace her fantasies. The final encounter of the story is one of the best Crystal has ever written, an ultra-sexy scene that puts Stacy to the ultimate test, mentally and physically, forcing her to confront the reality of what it means to be Sissy Slaves to Our Wives. It all makes for a rather unorthodox happily-ever-after ending, but also an entirely satisfying one.

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