Monday, May 29, 2017

Black-Owned Sissy by Chantelle Cage (#sissy #cuckold #bisexual)

Despite what you might think of its lurid cover and taboo title, Black-Owned Sissy is not your average, run-of-the-mill, slice of sissy erotica. In a very kinky sort of way, it is actually a refreshingly honest and positive exploration of sissy sexuality. You would not expect to find so much compassion and understanding in such story, but Chantelle Cage really surprised me.

Michael is a man approaching his 35th birthday, who has decided it is time to stop fantasizing and start living the life he wants - proudly and openly. We are not just talking about a man who wants to become a sissy for black men, but one who wants his friends, family, and coworkers to know it. No secret lives or hidden fetishes, just an open declaration of his kinks, no matter how humiliating that admission might be.

As it turns out, his wife is not at all surprised by the news. In fact, she quite likes the idea, and helps him to come out to the world, taking on a natural female dominant role to encourage him when self-doubt and fear cause him to second-guess himself. It makes for an erotic tale, with just the right amount of force behind it, but a happy one as well. What starts with shopping for clothes leads to an erotic encounter in an adult novelty shop, which leads to a very public coming out at the office, which in turn leads to Michael - or, rather, Tabatha's - first submission to a black man.

And that is when the real descent into his future as a Black-Owned Sissy begins.

This was better written than the subject matter might have you expect, with some fun dialogue, real character development, and exciting sex scenes. I loved Tabatha and admired the courage with which she pursued such a socially unacceptable lifestyle. Sure, it is pure fantasy, but I think we have all wondered, at one time or another, what it would be like to live our fantasies. The difference here is that Michael makes that leap, and does so quite successfully.

Chantelle Cage is a transvestite author with a passion for sissy clothing, masking, cuckoldry, maid training, dominant women and chastity play. She lives in the United Kingdom with her strict wife Mistress Chloe who encourages her to explore her feminine side at every opportunity. Together, they often share make up, lingerie, dresses, skirts and high heel shoes - and just occasionally, they'll share a man.


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