Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Breaking us Both (3-4) by Tinto Selvaggio (#cuckold #bisexual)

Breaking us Both is a serialized novel from Tinto Selvaggio that, all told, is a very ample 118,000 words long. It is not often you come across erotic stories of that length, much less ones dealing with cuckolding and bisexuality, so it makes for a delicious treat.

In Breaking us Both 3, the story takes a turn into deeper commitment, with Richmond and Lily becoming more open about their relationship, and Vaughn finding himself increasingly challenged by his chastity. It also marks the first time that he is forced to please Richmond in front of his wife, exposing her to the true depths of his submission. The mental domination here is exquisite, and I loved how open Richmond is about explaining what he is doing and why. He is not only driving a wedge between husband and wife, redefining how and where they receive pleasure, but conditioning physical bonds to himself for them both.

The opening scenes of Breaking us Both 4 are some of the most important in the series, with Vaughn and Lily having an open, honest, heart-to-heart discussion around what Richmond means to them, where the lines between sex and romance are drawn, and what it means for Lily to be working for - and financially dependent upon - Richmond. It also marks the chapter in their lives where their cuckolding becomes something of a public spectacle, exposing it to friends and family, and where they get their first real exposure to the darker side of dominance and submission, with an exquisite scene involving bondage, cages, and forced bisexuality for both husband and wife. It ends on something of a cliffhanger, involving a complete transfer of power to Richmond, promising even bigger things for the final chapters.

Overall, this is a wonderfully well-written, and largely realistic, story that never shies away from the darker aspects of cuckolding. It deals with the mental, emotional, and physical aspects, and pushes both husband and wife into new experiences.

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