Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cyber S.H.E. by Jessie Ash (#bodyswap #scifi)

Weird Science was one of those defining movies of my youth. If you are not a fan (and shame on you, if so), a pair of science geeks create the perfect woman out of nothing more than a computer simulation and a Barbie doll. With Cyber S.H.E.Jessie Ash puts a grownup spin on the teenage classic, adding a body-swapping element as well to put it over the top.

S.H.E. is a Synthetic Humanized Explorer, an organic robot grown from nanobots and designed to replace humans in dangerous environments. When Professor John Meltz discovers that his dreams of scientific exploration are about to overtaken by nightmares of military weapons, he takes a dangerous risk that leaves his forever trapped inside his beautiful creation.

Like Weird Science, this is a bit of a silly tale that does not waste a lot of time on explaining or justifying the sensuality, and instead lets the fantasy run its course. It moves at a frantic pace, with some erotic moments interspersed between the action scenes, and really relies on the strength of its concept.

While I would have loved Cyber S.H.E. to be longer, with more room to explore the characters and develop the story, it is a fun read that delivers some popcorn-worthy pleasures.

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