Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Futa Hunter by Kella Z. Driel (#futa #erotica #bisexual)

Do sexual androids enjoy wet dreams? Are futa robots really more human than human? I've read things you people wouldn't believe . . . and I am here to tell you that Futa Hunter is the dark, kinky, gender-bent version of Blade Runner you have been craving. Kella Z. Driel always tells a fun, sexy tale, but this may very well be one of her best.

Sonmi-09 is a futa on the run, returning to Earth from the futa colonies on Mars; Officer Rei is the mysterious policewoman who so enjoys watching her erotic violation by Neo-Tokyo customs officers; Rickard is the Futa Hunter assigned to track her down; and Tanya is the futa beauty who gives her ride to meet her destiny at a sexy maid cafe in Newhalf City. More than that, you do not need to know, but if you are even vaguely familiar with the stories sci-fi noir inspiration, then you know that nobody is really who they seem to be . . .

The sex here is exquisite, as is always the case with Kella Z. Driel - messy and intense, as only futa sex can be - but it is all the little sci-fi nuances that so tickled my fancy. For such a short story, she works in a lot of world building here, establishing the social/political climate, setting the futuristic feel, and investing it all with some elaborate (and kinky) technologies. Of course, it is all part of her wider Futaverse, which takes erotic world building to a whole other level, but the good news is you do not need to have read any of her other stories to enjoy this . . . although you really, really, really should! In fact, if you want to get started now, I suggest checking out her Futa Hunter Bundle.

Anyway, back to Futa Hunter. This is a bit of a darker tale than fans might be used to, especially with the erotic humiliation of the opening strip-search, but it is still a lot of fun. Without giving away any further details, there are even some little anime/hentai touches to Newhalf City that brighten up the second half of the story and give it a kinky little boost. The story is what matters, though, with characters who are well-defined and likable enough to make us feel invested in their fates . . . and to give the final twists the necessary emotional impact.

Do sexual androids enjoy wet dreams? That is not for me to say, but it is a safe bet readers will enjoy a few of their own.

Kella Z. Driel is a top-selling author of transgender, lesbian and other erotic romance. Her stories range from contemporary college campuses to the mythological past and a thundering, awestruck future. Her tagline is “transgressive romance for a kinky world” and it shows in each new release.



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