Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Futa Surprise Bundle by Reed James

Some authors like to settle into a niche and write stories that are comfortably familiar. Others like to claim that nice and build a name for themselves. Then there are authors like Reed James who totally own their niche (in this case futa lesbian erotica) like no other author out there.

The Futa Surprise Bundle is a trio of loosely connected stories, all set within the Aphrodite Sisterhood Universe, centered around the idea of (you guessed it) surprise.

Futa Surprise was a fun story about a bored coed who dabbles with a little forbidden magic while house-sitting for a pair of well-to-do lesbians. As shocked as she is to find herself growing a massive futa phallus between her legs, the irresistible attraction she feels for the door-to-door makeup saleswoman is even more surprising. It was a fun story of discovery and seduction, with some quirky flirting.

Futa Hawaiian Surprise puts a futa spin on the seduction of a straight girl by her lesbian best friend, with a little help from the transformation magic of Ms. Futa 'N Ari's Massage Parlor. This one is pure wall-to-wall sex, highly erotic, and gloriously messy.

Futa Subway Surprise was my favorite of the three stories here, a sexy tale that is more about the seduction than the consummation. It all starts with a mysterious bit of subway molestation, with the first surprise being that it is not a man with the groping hands, but a woman, and the second being that the woman is actually a futa. This one is all about erotic exhibitionism, with a fantastic progression from victim to seductress.

Reed James is a thirty year-old guy living in Tacoma, WA. "I love to write, I find it freeing to immerse myself in a world and tell its stories and then share them with others." He's been writing naughty stories since high school, furiously polishing his craft, and finally feels ready to share his fantasies with the world.



  1. Great review! I am a fan of Reed James' Futa erotica as well.

  2. I totally dig Reed James! He writes amazing sexual fantasy stuff.