Monday, May 22, 2017

Her First Sissy by Lyka Bloom (#erotica #sissy #femdom #pegging)

As much as I love stories of sissy submission, there is a certain appeal in exploring the female dominant point-of-view, especially when her story is one of discovery and sexual awakening.

In Her First SissyLyka Bloom introduces us to Elaine, a registered hypnotherapist for whom the world of bondage and domination is completely unknown. We she begins treating Mark, he is just another client who wants to stop smoking. As she begins exploring why he wants to quit, however, she discovers some intriguing secrets. Before long she is crossing professional boundaries, taking Mark deeper into a hypnotic trance, and not only cultivating the sissy inside him, but slowly intertwining his happiness with her domination.

If that sounds creepy or inappropriate, rest assured that is not at all how the story comes across. In fact, it is a rather sweet story, full of happiness and self-acceptance. Mark may be the catalyst for it all, but most of the story is about Elaine discovering her place in the world of BDSM as a Mistress-in-the-making. The scenes of hypnotism are quite wonderful, with as much thought given to her thoughts as her words, and the way Mark is able to be his sissy self with her is delightful. Of course, it does all come together in the end, with a happily-ever-after for sissy and Mistress, but you already knew that!

Lyka Bloom lives and works in Tennessee as a technical writer. She has always enjoyed the exploration of fantasies, from the mundane to the kinky, generally revolving around hypnosis, mind control and transformation.

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