Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lipstick For Her Leather: An Anthology of Transgender Femdom Erotica

To think, it all started with a simple conversation . . .

It was back in March that Jessie and I began discussing ideas for better self-promotion and cross-promotion within the erotica community. We bounced around some great ideas, but agreed the first step was to expand that conversation.

Thus, the Three-F Networking discussion group was born.

It was about two weeks later that Kella first raised the suggestion of a free anthology, and just days later that Lyka kicked the group conversation into high gear. Jim helped us settle on a theme, while Kella gave us what would prove to be the final title.

Thus, the idea of Lipstick For Her Leather was born.

Featuring stories from Sally Bend, Lyka Bloom, Kella Z. Driel, Jessie Ash, Kylie Gable & Claudia Acosta, Jim Lyon, and Shaun Putaine, Lipstick For Her Leather is currently available as free download from the Wordwooze Publishing website (with other download options to come).

This was a labor of love for us all, a project born of friendship, with everyone donating their time and effort so that we could make this a free anthology. On a personal note, these are authors I love and admire a great deal, and I am absolutely delighted to be a part of such a project.
We hope you enjoy it, and we ask that you please help spread the word. If you are so inclined, a review or a rating on our Goodreads page would be fantastic, and bios and links are included in the anthology, so we invite you to follow us all on social media!
As for what's next, all I can tell you is we're already having conversations about a follow-up, discussing who else we can get involved, so keep watching this space for more details to come!

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