Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sissy Sluts Rock by Stephen T. Grey (#trans #sissy #erotica)

Sissy Sluts Rock is a series of erotic shorts from Stephen T. Grey, the first 3 of which are currently available, with a 4th still to come . . . . or is that cum? Reading the three stories in sequence reminded me of why I like to binge-read collections and anthologies - it gives me a chance to admire how both the stories and the narrative style evolve. Where I noticed some awkward turns of phrase and run-on sentences in the first, the second was a much smoother read, and the third felt quite polished by comparison.

In Sissy Sluts Rock! we are introduced to Jack, a young fashion designer who is given a bittersweet gift with the passing of his transsexual grandmother. Granted the means to live the life he has always wanted, along with the full support of his grandmother's final wishes, he jets off the Thailand for cosmetic surgery and a boob job, and returns home to a new life as Jessica.

All of that is pretty standard transgender fantasy, but it is what Jessica does with that new life that is interesting. As the title suggests, she wants very much to become a slut. One day she may settle down and become respectable, but she has years of repressed longings and urges to be explored first. It is certainly a taboo fantasy, and one many people would look down upon, but it is also one that many of us have toyed with. I loved that Jessica was able to explore it, and I was even happier she found a man who could appreciate her for who and what she is.

As Sissy Sluts Rule! begins, Jessica is trying to find that awkward balance between romantic companionship and slutty companionship. Sean has fallen hard for the beautiful young transsexual, but she reminds him that she is not ready to settle down. While their heart-to-heart may be a bit too quick and easy for such a sensitive subject, it is interesting to see the topic of an open relationship explored, setting boundaries for their romance. Grey could have just let her be a slut, but he really enhances the story by allowing both ideas of companionship to develop.

This is, far and away, the most erotic of the three stories, complete with some rather kinky public sex, an impromptu tryst with the pizza delivery boy, and a surprise gangbang back at Sean's apartment. All of the sex has a purpose, though, and even the gangbang serves to build upon the budding love between boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sissy Sluts Have More Fun! finds Jessica enjoying her new career and her new relationship, but she is not content to merely be a pampered sissy slut. Yes, she has her fantasies, but she also has her dreams, not to mention the legacy of her grandmother to live up to. Grey really develops the story with this chapter, proving Jessica to be a clever businesswoman who is not afraid to risk her own pampered lifestyle to take a chance on growing the business. In addition, he gets deeper into her personal relationships, developing things with Sean, and even bringing Jessica's mother and father back into the picture.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this chapter, and really expected her father to throw a wrench into things. Grey does away with the cliché, however, and incorporates a very powerful message of love and acceptance. Sure, daddy may not know his daughter is a slut, but he acknowledges her as his daughter, and is genuinely happy to do so.

While I do not know where Gentlemen prefer sissy sluts! will take us in wrapping up Jessica's story, but I do know it will be a fun, sex-positive, trans-positive tale of romantic dreams and erotic fantasies.

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