Tuesday, May 2, 2017

T-Girl Sings the Blues by Stephen T. Grey (#trans #sissy #erotica)

T-Girl Sings the Blues is a surprisingly sensitive tale, a transgender romance that does a wonderful job of dealing with the fears and prejudices of coming out in the workplace. Stephen T. Grey demonstrates a love for his characters along with a flair for the issues, making this a satisfying tale.

Celine is a rising star in the music industry, an R&B record producer who is about to break out with Jayro, a smash-hit artist working on his next album. They become close friends during the recording process, but she resists anything deeper, afraid of what will happen if her secret is revealed.

It should be no surprise that they do get together, and her secret does get revealed, but it is how Grey deals with the consequences that makes this story work. Wonderfully romantic, it is also powerfully uplifting, with those who matter coming out in support of Celine. There is some definite tension to the story, but it is largely upbeat and romantic, with some discreetly erotic elements, a story of dreams coming true.

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