Monday, June 26, 2017

Amie Heights the Complete Collection (#trans #femdom #pegging)

I have had my eye on Amie Heights for quite some time now, seeing in her an author who crosses lines (and boundaries) in playing to many of my fetishes. I originally had her pegged for my upcoming Weekend Diversions & Perversions feature (more on that soon), but there the more I read, the more I realized she belongs in the spotlight with all my bent friends! I will leave you to discover the true breadth of her talents in Amie Heights the Complete Collection, but there are a few stories I absolutely have to highlight:

A Toy for Her Men is a fun femdom tale surrounding a most unusual exchange of birthday presents. It may be Anna's birthday, but it is the pegging that she intends to give Josh and Todd that makes the occasion such a delight, Fun, sexy, and marked by some great dialogue.

Double Creampie Clean-Up starts with a clever twist of an age-old porn staple, with Rebecca offering to help out a pair of young movers. Light on plot, it is a very sexy, very messy tale of an open-minded threesome with two horny guys who do not mind cleaning up each other's messes.

Her New Cock is pretty much exactly what you would expect, a story of a young woman who wakes up to find something new in her panties. I loved how Amie had her explore her new genitalia, especially when it proves long enough for her to provide her own oral pleasure, but it is arrival of her roommates - Stacy and Steve - who put it over the top.

How to Trans Your Dragon was a definite favorite of mine, putting a new spin on the fantasy trope of sacrificing virgins to appease the dragon. Thad thinks a bit of awkward crossdressing will be enough to save his fiancee, Anisha from being eaten, but what he does not know is that the dragon has other things in mind for his sacrifices . . . and a little gender-bending magic ensures that Thad the maiden does not remain a virgin for long.

I Make Him Wear My Panties was a delightful surprise, a story that kept me guessing with where it was going to go next. There is some great interplay between Tanner and Charity before anything sexual happens, and I loved how the panties were just another toy for their adventures, something soft and pretty and alluring, but not at all effeminate/

MILFs Strap It On and Gangbang His Ass was another favorite, both for the content and for the attitude. Once again, Amie writes of a birthday party where everyone gets a gift, leading a gang of forty-something beauties to seduce their young chauffeur and bring him home to try out their toys on. Passionate and uninhibited, I loved the women here, and I loved how eager Joey is to submit. There is no real force or dominance here, and enjoying the multiple penetrations does not make Joey any less of a man. It is just fun, open-minded sex, and it is hot!

There were plenty of other stories here that I enjoyed, dealing with lactation fetishes, demons, tentacles, bukkake, and more, but the stories above are those that were suitably bent. Well-written, open-minded (I keep coming back to that word) and thoroughly enjoyable. With 38 48 stories (Amie updated it today!) in one collection, you will not find a better deal.

Amie is originally from Nebraska. She moved to Oregon when she was 5 and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Amie has been writing since she started college in 1992. At graduation Amie started writing erotica exclusively and has recently started publishing her works online. Amie works full time as a server and plays full time as a tom girl.


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