Thursday, June 29, 2017

Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired by Moctezuma Johnson (#smutpunk)

If you have ever wondered what the term smutpunk refers to, then look no further. Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired is a "taboo psycho-thriller" from Moctezuma Johnson that is just . . . well, it has to be experienced to be believed.

This is a book that had me raising my eyebrows and dropping my jaw, often at the same time. It is insane, it is explicit, and it is original. When an author can deliver on all of those things, you know you are in for a good long-term relationship . . . but, then again, I already knew that from his Steak & BJ Futa Bundle.

Just as the cover blurb promises, this is a pornographic psycho-thriller about obsession, revenge, and the razor edge between love and hatred. It is weird, twisted, bizarre, and all kinds of kinky. What holds it all together is the characters, who are absolutely fantastic. Moctezuma, Jinx, Jenny, Tasha, and all the rest are well-developed in their own perverse way. Love them or hate them, it is hard not to envy them all.

There are a lot of fetishes in this book, with ass-to-mouth central to the whole story, but you could say it is a book about cum - eating cum, wearing cum, storing cum, using cum, and absorbing cum. These girls (Jinx especially) are absolutely mad for Moctezuma's cum, and they don't lack for imagination in how to enjoy it. There is a good amount of humiliation involved in the act of harvesting, but it is erotic, rather than cruel, with everyone taking some degree of pleasure from the experience.

Of course, beneath all the fetishes, the humiliation, the rambling narrative, and the sheer insanity, there is also a story. It takes a while for it to become clear, to rise above the insane mess, but rest assured all that madness and jealousy is going somewhere. If you are a smutpunk fan, you have probably already read this . . . and, if not, Chronicles of a Humiliation Backfired is a great place to begin.

Moctezuma mixes cyberpunk, futanari, pop art, comics, splatterpunk, and erotica in a high-pitched gender-bender genre-blender running on high. That's why they call him King Smutpunk. If you want to taste what bestselling author Linzi Basset calls "that imminent euphoria that MJ excels at" then you need to start drinking smutpunk up.

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